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uLumos Marketing Automation Platform

Included with every website we create and host. uLumos Marketing Platform enables your company to succeed!

Connected Tools

eCommerce, uLumos Customer Relationship Management, email marketing, landing pages, referrals, events, appointments, automated social media posts, giveaways, coupons are all connected. Your website is the hub for your implemented marketing plan.

Marketing Plan

We guide you through the creation of your marketing plan. We then implement your decisions. Automate marketing tasks freeing you up to work on your business.

Connected to uCRM

Your very own Customer Relationship Management website! Your employees, your customers, your data, only you see it and control it. As many customers and employees as you need. Free, all part of your website and continuance packages.


eCommerce connected to your accounting software.

uCRM uLumos Customer Relationship Management

Manage your Leads and Customers
Send and Manage Quotes
Send and Manage Invoices
Manage Transactions
Generate Leads with lead forms
Send targeted Email Campaigns

One CRM site exclusively yours

As many employees, leads and customers as you need


Your Business at a glance

Keep track of important metrics. Never lose a lead.

The hub of your thriving business. Keep on top of leads as they’re added to your uCRM. Manage your sales funnel and see your revenue at a glance.


Included in your website!

Free Setup

As a component of the website you purchase from us with the monthly continuance. Linked to MailChimp, eCommerce, and Accounting.

Modern. Lean. Built for Entrepreneurs.

All of your contacts in one place. Easy to manage, easy to action. Never lose another lead, and turn customers into raving fans!

Quotes, Invoices & Transactions

Write & send proposals from within the uCRM. Invoice & get paid directly. Track transactions per-contact or Company (B2B). uCRM has awesome built-in tools to make the whole workflow easy.

Turn Leads into Customers, Customers into Clients

People are central to any business. uCRM keeps your contacts at the middle of everything. It builds up detailed activity profiles enabling you to better serve existing customers, as well as leveraging your data to help find new customers.

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