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About Our Team

Creating Your Success
Increasing Your Profit

We believe in everyone’s success

Our two founders, through individual experiences realized that
businesses needed support building and improving their websites to bring more customers to experience their business. We came together with the focus to create mobile applications supporting small to mid-sized businesses with brand exposure and engaging customers with their brand. 

Tom Kelly, Successful CEO and founder of uLumos, LLC

Tom Kelly

Founder – CEO
Courtney Hartjoy, Successful marketing director at uLumos, LLC

Courtney Hartjoy

Marketing Director
Casey Blanton, Successful software designer at uLumos, LLC

Casey Blanton

Internet of Things
Michael DeBolt, Successful COO and founder of uLumos, LLC

Michael DeBolt

Founder – COO
Zeke Van Dehy, Successful mobile application developer and designer at uLumos, LLC

Zeke Van Dehy

Mobile Apps
Kaitlin Hartjoy, Successful web designer at uLumos, LLC

Kaitlin Hartjoy

Web Designer
Victoria Hartjoy, Successful senior project manager at uLumos, LLC

Victoria Hartjoy

Senior Project Manager
Chucky Johnson, Successful Software Engineer at uLumos, LLC

Chucky Johnson

Software Engineer
Debra Turner-Kelly, Successful designer of IoT at uLumos, LLC

Debra Turner-Kelly

Tom Wingquist, Successful Solution Designer of uLumos, LLC

Tom Wingquist

Solution Design

Technology Integration

We come from a technology background with solutions using websites, mobile applications, Internet of Things, Marketing Automation, Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Entrepreneurs and hackerprenenuers require a marketing plan, business plan and knowledge sharing.  There is a need in the startup community for an integrated marketing solution within every website that we determined from the feedback we received. We created a Marketing Automation Platform based on proven marketing plan to help entrepreneurs and hackerprenenuers.

Our Services

Provide software design and development services integrated into our Marketing Automation Platform. We believe everyone can be successful, with the correct systems, tools, methods, and our teams assistance. We build technology, platforms, and expertise in areas that our customers and their business may not have.

Web Site Creation/Hosting

See: Create simple prototypes 
Build: Deploy quickly
Maintain: Hosting and updates

Mobile Applications

Diagram: Imagine using 
Flow: Pictures to business
Deploy: Apple and Google (Android) stores

Internet of Things

Hardware: Prototype with micro-controllers
Communication: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Indicators
Control: Data transfer, external sensors

Sustainable Success

Marketing platform: All business and marketing components integrated into a solution.
Education: Continuous training for our customers
Innovation: Technology Sandbox for experimenting
Community: Sharing knowledge and ideas to grow and achieve success

Keys to Startup Success

We see the importance of creating a startup community and encouraging ways of sharing knowledge. Everyone can be successful, with the correct systems, tools, methods, and our teams assistance. Our knowledgeable team integrates our Marketing Automation Platform into your marketing plan.

  • Growing your business
  • Increasing your profits
  • Realizing your success
  • Your success is our success

How We Work

Our commitment to social good and non-profit. We created a website for ; to as far away as a Ethiopia, building and hosting a website for a startup tour guide



Listen and understand your goals, develop a plan to achieve your goals and your success. Teach you how to create a Marketing Plan. Integrate your plan into our web-based marketing platform. Developing a complete solution. 


200% Guarantee

If you have not reached your goals within 3 months or for any reason are not satisfied; we refund 100% of our fees and your service stays with us for 3 months for free; allowing you to transfer to another service. 



Check points during the development cycle to allow iteration: small changes in the design during development.

Quality work achieved on time 

Let’s talk about your project?


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