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uLumos, LLC 

Create something You believe in!

Since 2017

Complete Web Solutions

We create, upgrade, and manage websites for small to medium businesses for both their customers and their staff. We integrate uLumos Customer Resource Management solution while developing your website solution. Integrate your ideas into eCommerce , develop email Marketing integration, and obtain useful analytics.

Mobile Applications

We make it easy to have a fully featured iOS and Android App for your Business.  Integrate analytical tools into your mobile application to track and capture information on your customers. We make it fast with easy fast changes. To go where your market is going to be!

Block Chain & Internet of Things

Medical and secure Block Chain integration with Mobile applications and Internet of Things. Hardware and Software design and prototyping. Communication through Wi-Fi, bluetooth, light, and sound. Collect information through your device and display on mobile device or website. Control through sensors, software, and of course the Internet for the Internet of Things (IoT) 

2021 Special

Celebrate the New Year! For a limited time only!

0% Interest 12 months

Zero percent interest for 12 months, with payments as low as $168 per month! A low $150 down payment starts your new website! No credit check and no impact on your credit rating, we believe in you and our websites.

8% interest 24 months

If you want lower payments, look no further, with payments as low as $85 per month with 8% interest over 24 months. A small $300 payment starts you on your new exciting path! Again, no credit check. We believe in you and our websites. 


If you need to pivot and pause your payments you can! Just let us know 25 days in advance and we will pause your payments and work with you on your pivot to a more successful you! Your 5 free email accounts will continue to work so you can communicate your pivot.


If you need to stop altogether, because a life event or any reason, you can! Just let us know 25 days in advance and we will stop your payments. Your 5 free email accounts will continue to work for 6 months while you close things down. 

New for 2021

Friends, Family, & Strategic Partners Working together on one website

One Website 1-5 businesses

Sharing resources makes life easier, collaborate with your friends, family and strategic partners on one website split into different areas (tabs). 

Emails all around

Each business gets up to 5 email addresses free! You business must sign up for MailChimp to handle newsletters and other automated correspondence.

Financing Available

Choose either 0% for 12 months or 8% for 24 months. On one website price!

One website price

Choose either 0% for 12 months or 8% for 24 months.

Michael and Tom at dinner

burstQ - Strategic Partner

Tom and Michael having dinner after attending an all day seminar on burstIQ. 

Tom Wingquist and Zeke Van Dehy


Zeke VanDehy and Tom Wingquist learn about security by picking locks. We were at a weekend event for Denver local WordPress developers

Debra Turner Kelly

Women in Tech Summit

Debra Turner-Kelly speaking at a Women In Tech Summit (WITS). Women In Tech Summit 

uLumos Chucky and Tom

Denver Startup Week

Denver Startup week, the team attended several seminars, meetings throughout the week. Meeting other businesses around Denver, the US and the world. Learning from excellent speakers and panels. 

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Do you hate remembering passwords? You hate creating new passwords? Grabbing leads and customers? Do you know an 8 character password would take a desktop PC less than 17 minutes to crack your password! BitWarden is supplied to all our customers, one for every email address. BitWarden creates complex passwords and holds them in your vault allowing you to secure all your passwords and everyplace you go on the internet and all the apps you use.

iRedMail logo


Free company email addresses with your website.  Additional email addresses at $6 per month linked with the BitWarden password vault. Secure email hosted on our servers so not linked with Google or Microsoft servers. Encrypted emails can be sent and received from your email address so that no one can read your emails except the person the email is intended to reach.

Some of our Partners

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We do this for our Customers

Who we support with our time, enthusiasm, and donations

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